alphadoc has an excellent track record in helping life science and medical technology companies to develop effective documentation. Take advantage of our know-how and experience in authoring and editing, from user information to brochures and newsletters.

We provide support to life science and medical technology companies in the following areas:

  • User Documentation
    We can design, write and publish user documentation for life science applications and medical devices.
  • Marketing and Communications
    We can support your Marketing and Communications department in times of overload or for special projects
  • Newsletters and Conference Proceedings
    For example, we edited the newsletter of Roche Vitamins (now DSM) and produced an article on MipTec in Basel in 2004
  • Scientific Papers
    If you need help to ensure the quality of your scientific paper, we can provide support in editing and submission

One of our most recent tasks was to develop user documentation for a new medical device, using an innovative "storyboard" approach.

Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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